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RS Taichi RSJ341 Air Speed Parka
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  • Material: Outer Fabric: 60% nylon, 40% polyester, Lining: 100% polyester
  • Standard protector: Chest / Shoulder (CE Level 1), Elbow (CE Level 1), Back *Chest protectors sold separately, can be attached to the shoulder, elbow and back with CE level 2 protectors
  • Sports concept mesh hoodie with large logo design on the front and back for any car or style. The parka style and slim silhouette make it comfortable for riding at high speeds. Comes standard with protectors on the chest, shoulders, elbows and back, so you can easily wear a variety of protectors

Product information

  • Sporty designed mesh parka with the big logo is suitable for any motorcycle and style. Keeping a slim silhouette enhances comfortable in high-speed riding.
  • To enhance protection more, the optional protectors can be attached.
  • You can attach the optional chest protector easily with snap button. (CPS)
  • Standard protectors on shoulder, elbow, and back can be upgraded to CE lv.2 protectors (option).
  • PU hard shell chest protector
  • Removable hood
  • Material : OUTSIDE : Nylon 60% Polyester 40% / INSIDE : Polyester 100%




  • T-DRY






  • BACK


Product Details


Equipped the chest protector

Hard shell chest protector is equipped as standard to reduce the damage when falling down. You can also upgrade to the optional chest protector easily with snap button. It can be adjusted to the optimum position by the fixed button and Velcro.


Equipped the protector

CE lv.1 hard shell protectors on shoulder and elbow as standard equipment. Foam padding on the back. It can be upgraded to the optional protector.


High breathability

Mesh fabric on wide range enhances breathability.


Removable hood

The hood is removable by the zipper depend on your style.


Safety in nighttime

To help maintain good visibility, reflector panel are located on rear and front.

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